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Value-Add Strategy

PHT Growth Fund will acquire, lease and finance specialized pre-cooling equipment for post-harvest fresh produce.

Fund Summary

General Partner: PHT Investment Group, LLC

Manager: PHT, Inc.

Preferred Return: 8%

Asset Management: 2%

Min. Investment: $50,000

Profit Splits: 80% to LPs | 20% to GP

Distributions: Annually

Target IRR: 17%


Pre-Cooling Equipment

These state-of-the-art pre-cooling products are extremely vital to the agriculture industry because they quickly remove the heat from vegetables right after harvest. This critical step extends the shelf life, expands the markets, and improves the quality of fresh produce from field to table.

Mobile Ice Generator (IG-180)

Mobile Ice Generator



Mobile Ice Generators are self-contained engine rooms, and only require water, power, and to be charged with ammonia to operate. A separate refrigeration system is not needed to operate this product. It connects to a facility or an ice storage and ice injection system.

• From 35 up to 200 tons of ice generated per day
• Efficient and reliable
• Self-contained units reduce installation costs
• Industrial quality construction
• Corrosion resistant construction
• Variable ice thickness to suit different applications
• Reliable PLC controls automate the generator, reducing downtime

35 Ton Ice Storage (IS 35 T-D)

35 Ton Ice Storage

(IS 35 T-D)


Ice Storage Units are built to be versatile, efficient, and easily transportable on a Lowboy trailer. These units have a capacity of 35 tons of flake ice. The Ice Storage Unit is fully PLC controlled with a capable wireless network interface and a Stainless-Steel inner lining.

Vacuum Tube/Hydro (VT-12)

Vacuum Tube/Hydro



Vacuum Tubes are used in the vacuum cooling process to combine
vacuum pumps with a refrigeration system and expose the vegetable
to a lower boiling point of the water within and on the vegetable. This
causes the water to cool, thereby pre-cooling lettuces and other

• Extends shelf life by pre-cooling vegetables faster than any other
• Quick and efficient pre-cooling periods of 15 to 45 minutes are
achieved depending on the type of product, amount of heat
removed and other factors
• Especially effective for leafy vegetables. For certain vegetables,
water can be introduced during the pre-cooling process to
enhance hydration

Ice Injector (II-48-H)

Ice Injector



Ice injectors reclaim chilled water that saves cost and improves efficiency. The ice injector with auto push off can directly feed into an opening of a facility, adding to cooling efficiency, and does not break the cold chain. The ice injector with auto infeed allows for very high capacity (20,000+ cartons per day cooled with ease) and also reduces labor by allowing the loaders to constantly feed and unload, without having to wait for the icing to finish its cycle.
These high-volume ice injectors are radio controlled, fully automatic, and can ice an entire pallet in about 90 seconds.

Hydrocooler–12 Pallet (HC-12)

Hydrocooler–12 Pallet



Hydrocooling is a method of pre-cooling that involves chilling water and then showering or submerging the product in cold water.
A hydrocooler is a pre-cooling system that extends shelf life by providing a fast, reliable and efficient means of cooling many water tolerant fruits and vegetables.

• Cools produce up to 15 times faster than air
• Allows for greater harvesting and marketing flexibility
• Easily handles large amounts of produce (although hydrocoolers can also be designed for smaller quantities of produce)
• Hydrates some products, reducing moisture loss
• Rinses while it cools
• Flexible means of cooling vegetables and fruits packed in bins, bulk, or palletized

Mobile Engine Room (HC-150)

Mobile Engine Room



This self-contained mobile engine room provides refrigeration and cooling capacity. This product is customized to fit mobile, seasonal, and emergency engine room needs. The mobile engine room provides flexibility for companies with multiple facility locations and cooling applications.

Bin Washer (BW-4 Series II)

Bin Washer

(BW-4 Series II)


• Robust and portable bin washing system
• 1 -2 employee/forklift operation
• Capacity to clean 3 -4 bins per minute or 180 –240 per hour (depending on operation)
• Incredibly efficient and eco-friendly features
• Designed to save time, water and labor
• Dramatically increases productivity by 100%
• Large cost savings and ROI

Tote Washer (TW-15)

Tote Washer



• Robust and portable tote washing system
• 1 -2 employee/forklift operation
• Capacity to clean 3 -4 totes per minute or 180 –240 per hour (depending on operation)
• Incredibly efficient and eco-friendly features
• Designed to save time, water and labor
• Dramatically increases productivity by 100%
• Large cost savings and ROI

How Do We Generate Revenue?

  • PHT Investment Group will enter into long-term leases (5 – 10 yrs.) for pre-cooling equipment sales, leasing and financing.
  • Revenue will be based on lease incomes and maintenance service agreements.
  • Once an asset’s lease has ended, that asset will become part of a pre-used sales fleet.
  • New equipment will replace the equipment previously leased in order to maintain a new and technologically advanced fleet.