PHT Opportunity Fund Introduces New QOZ Investment Project

28-Acre Commercial Precooling and Warehouse Cooler Campus

Salinas, California

We are redeveloping a 28 acre campus in Salinas, California, the Salad Bowl of the World. The campus stands in the heart of a qualified opportunity zone. When completed, the Salinas campus will be a cutting-edge precooling and cold storage facility serving growers of the entire region. Cold storage is a tailwind asset class secured by essential need.

There is a huge upside for investors, who benefit from the Opportunity Zone initiative’s capital gains tax breaks; they keep their money in a fund for 10 years and all the appreciation is tax-free. They will make money, possibly even an outsized ROI. This is also a means of diversifying their own portfolios away from equities and into new revenue streams and avenues of investment which, as we’ve experienced in this volatile and terrifying market, is critical. Investing through Qualified Opportunity Funds is a strategy for multigenerational long-term financial planning.

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Opportunity zones offer a chance to breathe new life into economically-distressed communities.

– Jim White, PhD

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Dr. Jim White is Chairman and CEO of Post Harvest Technologies, Inc. and Growers Ice Company, Inc., Founder and CEO of PHT Opportunity Fund LP, and Founder and President of JL White International, LLC. He is the author of several acclaimed books—most recently, Broken America: Ten Guiding Principles to Restore America and Opportunity Investing: How to Revitalize Urban and Rural Communities with Opportunity Funds. He is also author of the best-seller What’s My Purpose? A Jouney of Personal and Professional Growth, which has been lauded by such industry leaders as Steven M.R. Covey and Jack Canfield. 


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