GIC Salinas Campus — 28-Acre Pre-Cooling and Cold Storage Campus

Acquisition & Redevelopment of our iconic 28-Acre Commercial Pre-Cooling & Cold Storage Campus


Our iconic 28-Acre Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage and Processing campus has been a major fixture in Salinas Valley since our founding in 1936. The name “iceberg lettuce” was originally coined in the 1930s when train cars full of lettuce were shipped cross-country using block ice produced at our GIC facility.

Our new campus will feature a combination of cold storage and processing space across one 300,000 SF building, in addition to an office building, a parking complex, and an on-site microgrid with solar, cogeneration and battery systems to protect against rolling brownouts and instability from local utility providers. GIC Salinas Campus will also implement an innovative solar PV-lined shade bay covering the Pre-Cooling yard, with vacuum tubes designed to feed pre-cooled product directly into the coolers for maximum efficiency and minimal spoilage.

Advantages Over Existing Facilities…

GIC Salinas Campus will be the only facility of its kind to leverage renewable energy, automation, intelligent temperature monitoring, solar-lined shade bay, and enhanced truck flow to increase shelf life and improve the quality of fresh produce.

Pre-Cooling Yard covered by Solar PV Shade Bay

4-High Pallet Racking

Renewable Energy

GIC Salinas Campus will utilize solar, cogeneration, battery, and microgrid systems to drive down costs and greatly reduce our carbon footprint.


Our facility will incorporate the latest technology in racking, material handling, temperature monitoring and control, and robotics to eliminate mistakes and improve produce handling.

Solar Shade Bay

A state-of-the-art shade bay lined with solar PV will cover the Pre-Cooling Yard, ensuring that produce unloaded from field trucks will remain at the optimal temperature to maximize shelf life.

Enhanced Truck Flow

Our redesigned truck flow will streamline operations and allow our tenants to quickly and efficiently pre-cool and cool their product, boosting throughput to 130 million units per season.


  • Site Area: 28.397 AC (1,236,973 SF)
  • MAX FAR: .50 or 618,486 SF
  • Existing SF: 337,984 SF
  • Coolers:
    • Cooler 1: 49,126 sq.ft.
    • Cooler 2: 38,012 sq.ft.
    • Cooler 3: 57,433 sq.ft.
    • Cooler 4: 63,026 sq.ft


the future

The 28-Acre Campus Master Plan

PHT Opportunity Fund LP

Fund I - The Acquisition and Redevelopment of an iconic 28-Acre Industrial Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage, and Food Processing Campus in Salinas, California
Download the Pitch Deck & PPM

PHT Opportunity Fund Investment Criteria

Target Industries

Agriculture (Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage, and Processing)

Size of Investment

$500,000 to $100,000,000 of equity

Investment Period

10+ years


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